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Fit-for-purpose chemical formulations to meet downhole and reservoir conditions

The technology of thermochemical treatment of a productive reservoir includes simultaneous injection of a binary fuel-oxidizing composition into the production pay interval to create a microfracture network in the near wellbore zone with subsequent development into deep zones of the reservoir.

When preparing a viscous binary solution with the addition of a fracture propagation inert agent (proppant), the method involves simultaneous injection into a productive reservoir in order to create and fix a fracture in the near-wellbore zone to increase permeability and increase the reservoir productivity coefficient.

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Types and Applications

The binary composition includes an aqueous solution of sodium nitrite and  solution of ammonia compounds and activator in the form of complex compounds of a homologous series of aliphatic aldehydes, in the form of dry, liquid additives, in the form of encapsulated elements or in the form of reverse emulsions that break down and react due to the influence of temperature or pressure .
The treatment of the near-wellbore and deep zones of the productive reservoir includes pumping preflush fluid into the reservoir, pumping FOC into the reservoir, and pumping overflush fluid.

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Low temperature reservoirs

Production stimulation in low temperature reservoirs with high-viscosity oil Ito increase either the efficiency of steam injection wells (at start-up for rapid heating of the near-wellbore zone) or the flow in shallow wells on artificial lift due to the oil viscosity reduction



High temperature High pressure

Production stimulation in HPHT carbonate reservoir to increase in the permeability of the near-wellbore zone due to the creation of high pressure above the fracturing gradient - i.e. in-situ fracturing technique




Clean up of the fracture after a period of operation and a decrease in production from the well due to formation damage of the proppant pack in the near-wellbore zone



Stimulation assistance

During the acid stimulation as an aid to increase the injectivity of the formation prior main treatment or as a diversion in the course of the main stimulation treatments

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