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Innovation is our Mission

Developing and introducing innovative technologies and solutions to help the O&G industry enhance their wells production in an efficient and safe way

About iSteam: Приветствие

About iSTeam

We are a technology-driven company – who integrates the innovative solutions for stimulation services based on the best knowledge, technology and know-how in oil and gas industry and performs for the increase of efficiency and productivity of our customers, benefits of stakeholders and partners and top standards of safety and environmental awareness

We are here to become the Leader and change the market in providing innovative technologies  to O&G industry

About iSteam: Сведения


A Proprietary Unique Solution for Production Enhancement


  • Unique Technology  to  stimulate wells by  creating  zone of high  temperature and pressure in the reservoir that improve and create permeability of treated areas.


  • The injection of  stable aqueous solution of  salt and oxidizer.

  • Reaction will create high pressure zone at the reservoir that will initiate fractures and improve oil mobility.

  • Provide clean-up of near-wellbore reservoir by reducing skin factor this will improve well production  performance.


  • An engineered aqueous solution is injected into the reservoir to create a controlled increase in the bottom-hole temperature (BHT) and pressure.

  • STEAMFLOW optimizes the field development plan, improves oil recovery and reduces the total cost of field production.

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